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"I hope that in 5 years time every cancer patient is prescribed cancer rehab as part of their cancer treatment! All people with cancer benefit from a clinically guided REHAB PLAN to optimize their physical and mental health through out the cancer journey that will often have setbacks. This website offers more than just a "book now" link; start with the learning hub to access free rehab tools backed by science!


If physiotherapists, occupational therapists, oncologists and other clinicians collaborate to support patients with a comprehensive rehab plans, we can influence survivorship! We know that exercise is medicine and we know rehab plans work. So let's support people with cancer to have a rehab plan, so that the cancer journey isn't just about the treatment. Let's lift them up a little!

-Nadine, Physiotherapist (PINC and STEEL certified)

 Cancer Rehab Program Director @Tall Tree Health.



Cancer symptoms can include:

  • Vestibular, sensory and balance deficits 

  • Pelvic dysfunction  

  • Changes in mental cognition and mental health

  • Lymphedema

  • Decreased mobility, strength and aerobic capacity

  • Fatigue and/or pain

  • Post-operative 

  • MSK conditions: frozen shoulder, neuropathies, axillary web syndrome, gait impairments and many more.​

Let us coach you to better HEALTH!


A personal cancer rehab plan can help

  • IMPROVE strength/aerobic capacity

  • DECREASE complications from treatment
  • MANAGE cancer symptoms
  • IMPACT survivorship and much much more!

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"Post surgery I had little movement in my arm  and struggled with fatigue immensely. Working with a physiotherapist through tele-health and in person allowed me to have a plan for better physical health. I can now run again; I am sleeping better and have built confidence in my body again! My cancer journey isn't over yet but at least I feel some control. My cancer rehab plan has also included getting support for return to work, my OT and Psychologist have been amazing! I highly recommend getting started on cancer rehab and Nadine is an excellent resource!" -Lyndsay S.


Victoria, BC, Canada

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