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Lovely to meet you! Let's start by sharing that you can trust that I am a registered physiotherapist and cancer exercise specialist with over 12 years of rehab experience. Credentials and expertise are very important in oncology, although intentions can be good, you want to make sure your care team is evidence informed and specialized in oncology. A cancer journey has many moving parts: treatment side-effects, possible surgical interventions and often pharmacological interventions that need to be taken into account by the clinician you have chosen.


I offer both in clinic services in Victoria BC along with Telehealth servicing Vancouver, Kelowna, Kamloops, 

Vancouver Island, the Okanagan and the Kootenays. 

I believe that every cancer patient should be provided cancer rehab as an essential part of their treatment. All people with cancer benefit from personalized rehab plan specific to their symptoms as rehabilitation can help optimize health all through out the cancer journey! A cancer journey should include more than treatment, it requires a plan to best manage the side effects of treatment, improve your physical health, enhance your mood and promote survivorship.


Often little support is provided regarding treatment related side-effects; such cancer related fatigue, neuropathies, muscle/joint pain and/or balance concerns. The symptoms can be heavy, impact quality of life and often remain undiagnosed and under discussed. This website offers more than just a "book now" link; peruse around and empower yourself with some curated science and evidence rich rehab tools!


Rehab plans need to be personalized to your symptoms, diagnosis and stage. A rehab plan can help patients to better manage the effects of surgery, hormone therapy, chemotherapy and/or radiation; enhance recovery and decrease the long term side effects. I've witnessed first hand the impact of timely rehab support  allowing patients to gain agency over their disease, minimize side effects, improve their well being and at times even return to work/sport with confidence.


Furthermore, exercise as medicine can save lives;  when personalized to you, it enhances recovery.  Sometimes however returning to exercise is simply too hard, too complicated and symptoms get in the way; this is where cancer physio support is vital. We can then discuss returning to work and play. Quite simply cancer rehab can give patients a sense of power in a powerless time. Together we can team up. Cancer rehab works! Clinical support is available. Reach out to start today.


Cancer Physiotherapist

Cancer Exercise Specialist

Masters of Physical Therapy

B.Sc with hons.

PORI Certified Oncology Rehabilitation Therapist

PINC and STEEL Certified Therapist

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Is Cancer Rehab right for you?

A cancer journey may include the following setbacks:

  • Decreased strength and aerobic capacity

  • Cachexia/muscle wasting

  • Cancer related fatigue

  • Vestibular and balance deficits 

  • Pathologies such as but not limited to: lymphedema, joint pain, frozen shoulder, radiation fibrosis, neuropathies, osteoporosis, tendinopathies, cording and vestibular dysfunction  

  • Overwhelm with symptoms delaying a return to work or activity

Cancer Rehab Works!

Together we can:

  • REBUILD strength and aerobic capacity

  • RELEARN how to work with our body
  • REGROUND well being and a sense of control

Start Cancer Rehab Today.


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Patient Testimonials

"Nadine, the cancer physio is truly a gifted clinician who instills in her clients the mantra that exercise is medicine. I am truly grateful to Nadine for helping me in my own cancer journey to find a personal, safe and clinical approach to exercise. Due to her support, I followed a rehab plan through every stage, better managed symptoms and have now found incredible fitness and a new appreciation for what my body can do! "

Dr. Kate Evans, Family Physician Victoria BC



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