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A cancer journey may include the following symptoms:

  • Decreased mobility, strength and aerobic capacity

  • Cachexia, fatigue and/or pain

  • Vestibular, sensory and balance deficits 

  • Complications: radiation induced or post-operatively

  • MSK conditions: frozen shoulder, neuropathies, axillary web syndrome, joint pain etc.

  • A change mental health

A Personal Cancer Rehab Plan Can HELP.


Together we can:

  • IMPROVE strength/aerobic capacity

  • DECREASE complications from treatment
  • MANAGE cancer symptoms
  • IMPACT survivorship

  • START Exercise as medicine and much more...

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"I hope that in 5 years time every cancer patient is provided cancer rehab an essential part of their treatment. All people with cancer would benefit from a clinically led rehab plan to optimize their health through out the cancer journey! This website offers more than just a "book now" link; start with the learning hub to access free exercise as medicine tips!


If physiotherapists, oncologists and other clinicians collaborate to support patients with rehab plans and support EXERCISE AS MEDICINE, we can influence survivorship! I've witnessed first hand the impact of proper and timely rehab support, allowing patients to regain control over their lives. A rehab plan can help patients to better manage the effects of surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation; quite simply it can give patients a sense of power in a powerless time. Rehab plans can better lives. Exercise as Medicine works. Reach out to start today.

-Nadine, Physiotherapist (PINC and STEEL certified)

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"Nadine, the cancer physio is truly a gifted clinician who instills in her clients the mantra that exercise is medicine. I am truly grateful to Nadine for helping me in my own cancer journey to find a personal, safe and clinical approach to exercise. Due to her support, I have found incredible fitness and a new appreciation for what my body can do. "

Dr. Kate Evans, Family Physician Victoria BC