Transgender Top SurgeryRehab 


        Although this type of surgery is not under the cancer rehab category, I felt the need to express my desire to help this population as the rehabilitation requirements are very similar to a double mastectomy. Finding a physiotherapist with experience with these types of surgeries is rare, so I feel very fortunate if you landed on this page! I cannot begin to imagine the journey that has lead you to this point, but it is an honour to connect. Together we can manage any of the following concerns and promote a quick recovery, getting you back to work, back to activity and feeling even more like your true self.



I offer specialized rehab plans and support with:

  • pre-operative planning for all top surgeries (prepare the tissue tone for best results)

  • comprehensive post-operative rehab planning weeks 2-4 managing wound healing, swelling and pain

  • comprehensive post-operative rehab planning weeks 4-6 managing scar healing and mobility 

  • comprehensive post-operative rehab planning weeks 6-12 optimizing tissue mobility, scar related symptoms and planning for a return to activity
  • rehab planning for any complications related to the surgery such as peripheral neuropathies, cording, scapular dyskinesia and tissue restrictions

  • safe exercise prescription/return to activity  despite functional limitations or symptoms.

  • manual therapy, lymphatic techniques and scar massage

  • patient self-management tools to get the best results and heaps of education