Nadine Stunzi

Masters of Physical Therapy, B.Sc with hons.

PORI Certified Oncology Rehabilitation Therapist

PINC&STEEL Certified Physiotherapist 

Having been personally impacted by the health care system, I believe that being a Physiotherapist and spending 1:1 time with patients is an honour. It is an opportunity to empower patients to understand their resilient bodies and take control of their physical health. Foundational to all rehab planning is education and education is power. I fundamentally believe our bodies are made for movement, that exercise is medicine and that our nervous system is always taking notice. The core of my clinical practice includes tailoring care to the individual's needs. I love focusing on current rehabilitation science, pain science education, personalized exercise programming, meaningful goal setting and when appropriate adjuncts such as manual therapy and dry needling (IMS).


Therapy starts with meeting you, the patient, where you’re at, without judgment. Ultimately the goal is to help you trust your body’s restorative capacity, balance your nervous system by listening to it and stimulate adaptation with optimal loading strategies. Rehab planning often involves empowering the patient with a sense of agency and control. This personalized bio-psychosocial approach is coupled with up to date best practices informed by ongoing post-graduate training. My B.Sc with Honours and Master’s of Physical Therapy both from UBC built a foundation for critical inquiry and a reflective practice that I continue to develop to this day.


In addition to a muscoloskeletal foundation, over the past years I have developed expertise in the field of cancer rehabilitation. Inspired the growing need in this area of care, I have completed many courses in head and neck cancer rehab, and breast cancer rehab such as courses led by the director at the UBC clinical exercise physiology laboratory, and leading breast cancer rehab researcher Dr. McNeely. I have also attended leading bone metastasis webinars, oncology rehabilitation conferences, along with obtained certifications through the PORI training institution, and PINC&STEEL International. I am a certified PINC&STEEL physiotherapist treating all female and male cancers and I am presently undergoing the PORI Oncology Rehab specialist certification. I continue to pursue lifelong learning and commit to my patients by staying connected to the changing research in the exciting field of oncology rehabilitation. My clinical knowledge is paired with a passion for exercise and a commitment to long term relationships. Don't be shocked if we're in touch for a few years! Prior to my master's degree, I worked for many years as a personal trainer in a rehab context and continue a passion for exercise through ongoing learning about the science of strength, endurance and conditioning.



I am excited to advocate for access to cancer rehabilitation in Canada. I hope to provide patients with personalized rehab plans and powerful tools to feel a sense of agency again. When I'm not connecting with patients online or in my  Victoria BC clinic, you can find me nerding out on science, playing with strength training, loving my golden retriever @thegoldendaysofjune and getting into our beautiful island oceans!

Looking forward to meeting you









Advanced Certifications:

  • Level 1 certification of the Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy Diploma (50 plus hours of FCAMPT Orthopaedic mentoring)

  • Lynn Watson Shoulder course level 1

  • K-taping Pro certification 

  • KINETACORE functional dry needling level 1 & 2

  • STOTT PILATES® Rehab Mat level 1

  • PINC&STEEL® Men and women with cancer

  • Dr. Campbell and Dr. McNeely Evidence Informed Breast Cancer Rehabilitation course 

  • Bell Sound Movement Systems Kettle Bell certification Movement 108

  • NOI Mobilization of the Neuro-Immune System. NOI 

  • AMP': Management of Cervical & Thoracic Disorders 

  • PINC&STEEL Continuing Professional Development Women Cancer Modules 

  • Management of bone disease and skeletal metastasis CPA webinar

  • PORI Foundations in Oncology Rehabilitation 

  • PORI Rehabilitation of Head and Neck Cancer Therapist Certification 

  • PORI Chemotoxicity & Cancer Exercise Therapist Certification

  • PORI Pelvic Cancer Rehabilitation Therapist Certification