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Power You Up

Hello fam, friends and strangers alike!

Power you up.

The theme of this week's post is to identify what I have come to realize is the very CENTREFOLD of my clinical practice. Aiming for full transparency, this personal post means you will very well come to understand why I do what I do; what the driver is behind it all. This post aims to add context as to why I don't always just have you lay on the table for 30 mins while I mysteriously align you with my magical hands. After all didn't 11 yrs of uni teach me how to align you perfectly? Unfortunately it did not, University taught me how to ask good questions and be a sceptic. To seek out good science, respect the fathers before us and share today's best to power you up! This post aims to add context as to why at times, I gently disregard a Physician's diagnosis of arthritis, frozen shoulder and general labels of being misaligned. This post aims to add context as to why at times, I brush off the 'snap, crackle and pop' body sounds that you hear from time to time but with which have no pain association. It's simpy all just too..

Power you up.

While having a beer with a colleague a few months back, he asked me 'what is the one thing you are trying to accomplish as a physio?'. After he quickly answered it for himself, I stood blankly for a minute developing my own answer to what I think to be a very fundamental question. I couldn't help but think about the pub med study that revealed that 25% of observed clinicians waited about 12 seconds before interrupting their patients. I laughed to myself digesting his answer, and said the first thing that came to my mind. 'My main goal everyday and with every patient is to empower them with education and self-management'. Although this didn't seem to fit his paradigm, it became obvious to me, right then and there, that I identified something very important and personal. Within everyone of my physio sessions, 11 years of university a side, I just need too...

Power you up.

If my patients don't leave their session understanding just a little bit more about their condition than when they came in, grasping a simple version of pain science and leaving equipped with tools to manage their symptoms,then clearly, I have failed. That is why EMPOWERMENT is the centrefold of it all. I created this blog to not only empower myself in finding clarity in a convoluted rehab industry, but more so to empower my patients with quality physio education that I can't always provide in our limited session time.

So next time you wonder why I talk more than I touch, and at times disregard some label that doesn't make sense to you or me, it's merely because my main goal is to EMPOWER you. My goal is to have you leave your session with full understanding of all that it is that you CAN DO, how we are moving forward, just how I can meet you in your space to...

Power you up.


link to pubmed on interruption trends in primary care clinics