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Why blog?

I started this blog because as an impressionable new grad, I have found myself surrounded daily by a lot of body chatter and varying points of view. What I define as body chatter involves emotionally driven sweeping statements, fear mongering physio education and at times sadly enough, banter that is just entirely incorrect. I found myself going home after shifts reading ferociously to navigate it all; coupled with this was the weight of multiple questions from my patients. I starting realizing that I didn't go to University for 11 years for a B.Sc honours degree, and a master's in physiotherapy to surrender to one school of thought, self-affirming with confirmation biases and promising patient's outcomes with falsehood for the sake of building myself up. That being said, it's very difficult in an age of science and information to make sense of it all and strive to be humbly good at your job. More so, it's even harder to actually help people, and use one's clinical sieve to find good clinical pearls that are worthy of sharing. In attempt to sift through the endless clinical jargon, false over-promises and soup du jour trends, I aspire to bring you something simple, KISS style (keep it simple stupid!) From a thirsty clinician to you my every day patient, here's to bringing you accurate physio education in simple every day language. Welcome to my Blog :)



Victoria, BC, Canada

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