• Nadine Stunzi

Movin' Houses, Clinics, Cities and All

Hello fam, friends and strangers alike!

It has been a long while since I posted! This is a quick notice to follow up with the email that I just sent all of my active patients. After an amazing 17 years in the city of Vancouver I will be moving across an ocean! Although that sounds far, it's actually only a 1.5 hr ferry ride away. Starting October 1st 2019, I will be practicing out of Tall Tree Integrated Health (both the Cordova Bay and Panorama Rec Center locations) and InReach Physio. I will continue to practice Orthopedically but more so I will be directing a Cancer Rehab Program. This opportunity offers so much professional growth in the form of leadership, evidence based practice mentorship and education. It's been such an honour to practice in Vancouver; building an awesome community over the years that I will surely dearly miss! I know so few people out on Vancouver Island so any contacts in the field of physio or oncology and patients referrals all help dearly. Please stay in touch however possible xo

ps: The lifting mechanics from the above photo are not to be copied haha!

The Cancer Physio