• Nadine Stunzi

Exercise and Healing Capacity

Hello fam, friends and strangers alike!

Today's post is simple and sweet, kiss style to the max! It was inspired by a patient of mine who was 2 weeks away from competing in the national trail running championships here in Canada. Her name is Chantelle Groenewoud, a track athlete of over 10 years. She's been competing in track and field running events most of her life, so her baseline fitness is superb! She came to me 2 weeks before her competition having rolled her ankle in a park while doing a dynamic warm-up. In the Physio world we call this a grade 1 ATFL ankle sprain. She came in to see me 2 days after the injury and we immediately got her started on a selection of specific range/strength building movement patterns. Point being, 2 weeks after her injury she competed, came in fourth and qualified for the World's trail running championships in Premana, Italy. The average timeline for a soft tissue strain to heal is 6-8 weeks. So this week's Physio question is...

Why do some people heal so fast and other's so slow?

Of course there is a spectrum of soft tissue injury which we classify in the physio world by grading injuries 1-3, in addition, there are various types of tissues that can be effected. Yet so generally speaking, your baseline fitness plays a HUGE role in your healing capacity. Chantelle is a prime example of this, as most of my inactive patients are still limited functionally 2 months down the road. Research has confirmed that your general cardiovascular fitness, muscle mass and systemic health greatly effect your body's spontaneous healing capacity! Thus in turn, your surgical outcomes and recovery from soft tissue injury are greatly correlated to your health. Click here to access one of the many research articles in this field.

So point being, this week's physio tip is:

Meet the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines:

Get that heart rate moderately up for a total of 150 min/wk and challenge your strength 2x weekly. Your potential to heal after surgery or an injury will be greatly increased!