Director Cancer Rehab Tall Tree Health

Masters of Physical Therapy, B.Sc with hons. 

Having been personally impacted by the health care system and having been a patient many times, Nadine believes that being a Physiotherapist is an honour. She believes it is an opportunity to empower patients to understand their resilient bodies and to take steps towards their goals. Nadine fundamentally believes our bodies are made for movement and that exercise is medicine. The core of her clinical practice includes current rehabilitation science, education, exercise programming and pain adjuncts such as manual therapy and Dry Needling (IMS).


Therapy starts with meeting you, the patient, where you’re at, without judgment. Ultimately the goal is to help you trust your body’s restorative capacity, balance your nervous system and stimulate adaptation with optimal loading strategies. This personalized biopsychosocial approach is coupled with up to date best practices informed by ongoing post-graduate training. Her B.Sc with Honours and Master’s of Physical Therapy both from UBC built the foundation for critical inquiry and a reflective practice that Nadine continues to develop to this day.


In addition to a muscoloskeletal foundation, Nadine has developed her expertise in the field of Cancer Rehabilitation. Inspired by both personal connections and the growing need in this area of care, Nadine has completed various courses led by the Directors at both the UBC Clinical Exercise Physiology Laboratory, leading breast cancer rehab researcher Dr. McNeely and PINC&STEEL International. She is a certified PINC&STEEL physiotherapist. Nadine continues to pursue lifelong learning through Cancer Rehab mentorship and staying connected to the changing research in this exciting field. Her clinical knowledge is paired with a passion for exercise as seen in her experience of 4 years of personal training, STOTT Pilates coursework and the Bell Sound kettle-bell certification.

Nadine is excited to advocate for cancer rehab across BC. When she’s not connecting with patients and the Vancouver Island cancer community, you can find her strength training, blogging about rehab, cycling, playing with fermentation and attempting to kite-surf around this beautiful island.

Advanced Certifications: